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Airport Day 2017 from the Air


The Squamish Flying Club (SFC) is a registered society (1970) located on a leased portion of property at the Squamish Municipal Airport, and operates for the benefit of its members and the local community.

The SFC operates an above-ground 100LL card-lock fuel system on the North Apron for use by its members and visiting general aviation guests.

Hangars and tie-down leases are available to members, although these are in high demand and short supply currently. The executive is looking into expansion or other solutions for the growing GA community in the sea-to-sky region.

There are various club socials and work parties during the year, usually combined efforts if the weather permits.

Regular Membership is open only to Sea-to-Sky region residents (Lions Bay to Whistler). Associate membership is open to all, and there is also a free mailing list if you are interested in being kept in the loop on airport events and youth opportunities. See ‘Membership’ for more information.

2019 Executive:
President: Warwick Patterson
Vice-President: John Morris
Treasurer: Scott Bennett
Secretary: Scott Shaw-MacLaren
Directors: Don Patrick, David Safarik, Colette Morin, Carlo Galvani, Jamie Horner

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