The Squamish Flying Club (SFC) is a registered society (1970) located on a leased portion of property at the Squamish Municipal Airport, and operates for the benifits of its members and the local community.

The main projects for the club at the present are to create more aircraft storage facilities for members and to modernize the general aviation fuel system to serve both club members and the aviation fraternity. The SFC currently has permits to operate an above ground fuel dispenser system to provide fuel for members only….pilot must fill the aircraft.

The regular membership initiation fee is a non-refundable $100.00 with annual dues of $50.00.  Tie-downs and other fees are scheduled and assessed accordingly.  The historical membership is over 200 but the active annual membership holds around 35. There are also Commercial and Associate membership classifications. The SFC fiscal year is January to December… the membership year is March 1st to Feb 28th… and hanger and tie-downs rentals are from April 1st to March 31st.

The thought of the day is   “The opportunity for something to happen is now… the aviation field offers vast employment opportunities, but cannot be tapped without a strategic plan to lay out airport land use for those potential entrepreneurs at a reasonable cost. ”

The SFC is leading an initiative to formulate an Airport Advisory Group made up of all airport stake holders, DOS personnel and community members to provide assist in the formulation of future operations.   The DOS does not agree to an independent group providing the leadership at this time so have assigned a staff member as the temporary Airport Mgr and that person is our contact and sounding board.

Your executive for the 2010-2011 year are John Morris President, Don McDonald as Vice-President, Nancy McCartney as Secretary, Don Patrick as Treasurer, Rolf Rutishauser, Ken Boatwright and Colette Morin as Directors.

There are various club get-togethers and work parties during the year, usually combined efforts if the weather permits, it is your responsibility to participate when it is feasible… notice of your intent is always welcomed to aid in the planning and ordering of refreshments.